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Think PINK. Not just a name, but a philosophy of life and work. Thinking about women, thinking in a way that women feel represented, protected and supported in an environment that is not always as easy as that of the show, according to transparent and ethical principles.
A management of working relationships, aimed at models, actresses, new social professions, both for those who already have skills and experience, but also for all young girls who, approaching this sector as inexperienced, could easily run into wrong choices and people , as often local and international news stories demonstrate. A full-service talent agency. We represent models, actresses and digital influencers in the fields of advertising, luxury, sport, travel, lifestyle, in national and international castings for cinema, fiction, television.
We select and propose influencers that are perfectly suited to brands to communicate their soul and philosophy to the perfect target. If you are one of our customers you can choose more influencers, to reach a pool of thousands and thousands of followers. Our influencers produce and share content that consumers appreciate for honesty, way of exposure, sincerity. Entrusting a product to one of our influencers is synonymous with loyalty, truth about the product. We can create interactions that affect buying behavior.
Relying on 25 years of experience will guarantee a serious, professional path, tailor-made for you, whether you are an experienced professional, a young aspirant, or a brand looking for a suitable tailor-made project. If you recognize yourself in this "philosophy" of life, contact us, otherwise we are not the right choice for you.

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